9 to 5

August 27, 2008 at 12:00 am (environmental blah blah, Geeking out, gin and tonics, Harry Potter, Magic, why I shouldn't drink, why Jacob didn't have sex with me last night)

So I am one week into my new home and three books into the Harry Potter series, which is slowly turning me into even more of a geek than I was previously. Hippogryphs? Unicorns? Basilisks? Swoon! It doesn’t help that one of our good friends Nelson is staying with us currently, and so Jacob and Nelson have covered my new office in Magic cards (thats Magic: The Gathering, not enchanted cards, not nearly as cool as it sounds) and we also found a role playing game circa 1980 called ‘Top Secret‘ where you pretend to be a secret agent a la James Bond.

Wait where are you going? Ok, ok, enough with the nerd-talk.

So, one cool, hip thing I did this weekend was go out to dinner at Night Light with the lovely Kiala and the dashing Dane and the magnificent Meagn (Sorry Kiala, I couldn’t think of a ‘k’ word for beautiful) and then we went to Chopsticks and watched people sing karaoke. It was my first time at a karaoke bar and I was all prepped to sing Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 when some other broad got to it before me. But thats ok because Kiala and I danced to 9 to 5 and I was probably too drunk to remember the words anyway. Thats right, internet. I had FOUR gin and tonics which is a lot for me, trust me. I then left Chopsticks and made Jacob pick me up and bring me back to a friends house. And then I announced to the room that I could out smoke the shit out of everyone out drink the shit out of everyone and passed out on my friend’s couch.   And I felt fine the next day. But then on Monday I had some sort of evil, delayed hangover from Saturday and wanted to die. Has that ever happened to you? It was so unfair.

Oh, and I work at a newspaper that covers a lot of ‘green’ building and ‘green’ architecture and ‘green streets’ and green, green, green green. Could someone PLEASE come up with another way to say ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ before I throw myself off of an Eco-roof? Suggestions can be left in the comments.



  1. meagank said,

    A few things:
    1. Yes, that has happened to me. I’m just glad we were suffering together on Monday
    2. “Green” should be replaced with “trendy” or “self-serving” … those sum it up pretty well. Damn our “green” focused co-workers. Stupid “green” buildings.

  2. meagank said,

    PS – “Kinky” Kiala would have worked.

  3. melissalion said,

    Krazy Kiala is good too.

    Karaoke Kiala?

    Anyway, I think black is the new green.

  4. Nathalie said,

    Meagan- Lunch, absolutely

    Boss lady Melissa- From here forth, Kiala will be known as Krazy Kinky Karaoke Kiala

  5. Kiala said,

    Wait, wait. I’m late to the party but I like Beautiful Kiala. I DON’T CARE IF IT DOESN’T ALLITERATE.

    That is all.

    The dancing was so much fun. SO much.

    Ok, now that is all.

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