A new year, a new opportunity for procrastination

January 6, 2009 at 1:19 am (ch-ch-ch-changes, Cooking, My house is nuclear)

I made a lot of resolutions as a drunkenly slurred my way into 2008. So I was curious about which ones actually worked out.

-Write more letters: That’s a big fail. The only letters I mailed were the kind that have my hard-earned, cold hard cash in them, sent to various evil bill collectors.

-Write more stories: Another fail. My Christmas present to Jacob was a short story, but in typical me fashion it wasn’t ready yet. So I am writing it in serial form, which he seems to enjoy.

-Eat in more:  I…er…uh…*guiltily stashes hundreds of La Bonita receipts into her bra*

-Hang up paintings: DONE. That’s Nathalie 1, 2008 zero.

-Hang up laundry: I nearly impaled my foot this morning on rhinestones from my holiday party dress that is still on the floor so….no.

This year I have one resolution: to pay off any and all credit card debt.  As much as I would love to think that THIS is the year that I will start running everyday, stop eating all the baked good I can get my sticky fingers on and solve this whole economic crisis thingy, I am a realist. And a procrastinator.

What are your resolutions?


  1. meagank said,

    Good resolutions, button!
    I’m so proud. Let’s pay off them pesky credit cards together! ❤

  2. Nicole oh-so Lovely said,

    you forgot…

    “start a blog hating on people’s offspring with my best friend and making lots of money off its advertisers so I don’t have to wrok for the man anymore and can sleep in every day”

  3. ken said,



  4. Mike said,

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  5. stoogepie said,

    I like Nicole’s idea. That’s now my New Year’s resolution.

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