You answer my questions, now

September 9, 2008 at 9:30 pm (anxiety, cats, Political-ish)

There have been a lot of things happening lately that confuse me and Google is not giving me the answers I want. So, dear readers (all five of you), please answer the following:

1. Even though it is quite obvious that Sarah Palin is about as prepared to take second seat in the White House as I am prepared to perform nuclear fission, why are McCains’ approval ratings going up? Is Sarah Palin made of chocolate and faeries? Or is the majority of this country as stupid as I fear?

2. A reporter recently quit from my paper and her job is about to be up for grabs. My co-workers are telling me to apply for this position but I am conflicted. Should I take a reporter job for about the same pay as I’m making now, longer hours and a guarantee that I will probably cry everyday to expand my resume, or should I stay where I am, a lowly newsroom assistant, with less stress and crying but more boredom?

3.I just got a new apartment with wood floors, which are fantastic. However, every time I walk down the hallway I see a tumbleweed of cat hair go rolling across my path. Is there a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve me shaving my cats (although I am willing to do that if it comes down to it)?

Thank you for your time and quick attention to this matter. I’ll be waiting. Patiently.

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